Sustainable labels: DORTEX uses organic cotton and rPET

Sustainable labels: DORTEX uses organic cotton and rPET

DORTEX, manufacturer of textile labels, relies on sustainable materials for its labels. The new professional care labels Cotton are made of organic cotton.

Environmental sustainability and fair production processes are on everyone’s lips in the textile industry right now. But what about labels? After all, creative projects should also meet high standards in this aspect.

The fact that the raw material for labels should come from fair sources and the end product should be free of harmful substances is self-evident for DORTEX. The family business from Dortmund is constantly optimizing its portfolio and has in the past integrated its own “vegan leather” into the configurator with FloraPap®, to name just one example. Most recently, DORTEX has launched some new, particularly sustainable labels.

Care labels made from organic cotton

The professional care labels Cotton are one of three new products that are now available in the webshop at www.dortex.com. These laundry labels are made of pure, undyed organic cotton. Short-fibre organic cotton is rather unusual as a basis for textile labels, as the technical requirements for woven labels are very high and usually only long-fibre cottons are used. Due to the fact, that a printing process is used for the production of cotton care labels, DORTEX has overcome this hurdle and can thus also offer organic cotton products. The labels can be printed in one color black and are available from 20 pieces.

In addition, high-quality recycled polyester yarns have become an established component in the production of DORTEX labels. The material has already been used for some time in the form of the warp thread in the Flexinera® product range – now it is also used for Color care labels. Its satin ribbon is characterized by its radiant, bright colors and is made of 100 percent rPET.

The printed fabric labels and satin ribbons in the Satinera® product range are also produced from rPET. The labels are lightfast, abrasion-resistant, washable up to 60° C and very durable. Customers can let their creativity run free and use as many colours and colour gradients as they like when configuring them – for an all-round shiny appearance with a clear conscience.

How DORTEX takes responsibility

All DORTEX labels are “made in Germany”. This commitment to the German location saves the textile experts long delivery and decision-making routes. The cotton care labels, for example, are printed in Dresden, the second production site besides Dortmund. With a high degree of technical know-how in its own company, DORTEX manages to offer a good price level despite high personnel costs and to meet its own high quality standards for products and service. To minimize the use of disposable plastic in the production chain, DORTEX also uses compostable bio-film bags when shipping smaller order quantities.

A careful treatment of nature and the environment, as well as a respectful cooperation with employees and suppliers, is an integral part of DORTEX’s philosophy. In doing so, the focus is on the needs of the customers.

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